Quality policy


For our company the term quality means constantly adopting to changing customers'  needs and meeting their expectations. The Management and staff of KAMET Sp. z o.o. believe that Customer is the most important judge of our products' quality and his opinion is crucial.


Our main goals are:

  • continuous development and increase of the Company's value,
  • providing products that meet customer requirements and comply with applicable laws,
  • increasing the range of production and improving the modernity and competitiveness of our products.

We achieve the above goals by: 

  • acquiring new customers and expanding markets,
  • purchase of modern machinery and equipment,
  • cooperation with scientific centers resulting in the improvement of technological processes,
  •  acquiring financial resources for investments leading to increased production area and storage space,
  • introduction of new products in cooperation with domestic and foreign customers,
  • continuing cooperation with training centres and improving the qualifications of employees, as well as, in the field of foreign languages
  • improving the production process in order to reduce production costs, improve waste management and avoid risks associated with environment pollution,
  • \systematic monitoring of economic indicators (exchange rates, interest rate inflation, etc.), which will allow for quick reaction to their changes,
  • maintaining a quality management system and continually improving its effectiveness.

We achieve our goals acting as a team, in which cooperation and effort of all workers are indispensable. Our commitment to improve the management of the company and immediate reactions to spotted irregularities made our company's name and logo associated with high quality, reliability, sense of employment security and better living conditions of our workers.